Killing, wounding and killing 36 journalists and 26 arrests and assaults just during 2017

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The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech registered the killing and wounding of 36 journalists and media, in addition to the death of 4 journalists, including the director general of satellite channel where he was killed and most of them were wounded during their coverage of the battles against ISIS organization.

In November, a military correspondent was killed during her coverage of the battles in Qaim district western of Anbar. In addition to a journalist sentenced to three months’ imprisonment, the Center monitored 12 cases of "preventing the cover" of sporadic incidents, and a number of other journalists were prosecuted by officials

As for attacks, the Iraqi Center recorded 15 cases of beatings and attacks, 10 arrests in the Kurdistan region, 5 threats against journalists, 6 cases of release and (3) cases of abduction and disappearance.

In the same context, 3 journalists survived, while in 2017 there was also one collective trial, one lawsuit, two satellite channels closed by the local Anbar government, in north of Iraq, the authorities in Sulaymaniya closed the Nalia media group, including NRT stations.

The Iraqi Center calls for a reduction in the phenomenon of assault, attack and prevention, and the hidden threat to journalists, including those working on corruption cases and theft of state funds, that shows the statistics in this year are relatively less than last year.

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech explains details of the cases that occurred in 2017:

4 - 1- 2017

Journalist Afrah Shawqi was released a week after being abducted from her home by unidentified gunmen in Baghdad's al-Sayyidiya neighborhood.


6- 1- 2017

killing of journalist Abdul Qader al-Qaisi after being kidnapped by an unknown group in al-Azim district of Diyala province.


7- 1- 2017

Sky Press staff was exposed to "threats and blackmail" by "political parties" from inside and outside the country, especially the head of the agency Murad Ghadhban.





13- 1- 2017

Khatab Adil Al- Sharqiya’s correspondent was exposed to an attempted abduction by the "brother of a minister" in the Iraqi government.


14- 1- 2017

The injury of the military correspondent Ali Mutair within the operations of liberating Mosul from the ISIS organization.


14- 1- 2017

In the north of Iraq, the journalist Karwan Haji Baadri was subjected to a serious attack that caused him severe injuries, bruises and loss of consciousness.


16- 1- 2017

The Correspondent Abdul Hamid Zebari injured within the operations of Mosul.



22- 1- 2017

Group against the law attack the office of the Al- Tacheer satellite channel in Erbil and destroy their equipment during the live broadcast in a political program channel.


24- 1- 2017

The bodyguard of general division 11 attacked media teams in the Nahdha district the central of Baghdad while covering a terrorist bombing that hit there.


28- 1- 2017

An armed group raided the home of the jpurnalist Ta’wel Al-Moussawi in the Binuk district north of Baghdad and destroyed equipment belonging to his job?



A security force beat journalists (Ali al-Badran and Fuad al-Halafi) and confiscated their equipment in central of Basra after covering a bombing there.





Unidentified assailants beat Muwafaq al-Hassani, the radio presenter in Diwaniya province.


3- 2- 2017

Sports journalist Arkan Taqi received a "verbal threat" from the director of Al- Mena’a club in Basra.


4- 2- 2017

Journalist Ahmed Abdel Sada was subjected to "pressures and threats" from the "clan" of which the Iraqi Minister of Health belongs.


7- 2- 2017

Karbala provincial council sues journalist (Jamal al-Din al-Shahristani) because of an article published on Facebook.






11- 2- 2017

A security force assaulted journalists, detained others and destroyed their work equipment in Baghdad because of their coverage of demonstrations.


13- 2- 2017

The Algerian journalist (Samira Mawaki) was seriously injured when she accompanied the military units during the battles to liberate Mosul from ISIS.


15- 2- 2-17

A police officer in Karbala, threatened with his weapon in the face of (Haider Hadi) correspondent of ANT Arab channel there, and almost caused his death.




15- 2- 2-17

Iraqi football coach sues sports presenter Haidar Zaki.


16- 2- 2-17

Minister of Health sues (Majid Salim) for his transfer to people's complaints.


18- 2- 2-17

A security force detains journalists and SNG’s cars and destroyed a number of cameras because of coverage the demonstrations.


22- 2- 2-17

Unknown gunmen opened fire on the house of Ali Fadhil, the director of Welayat Batikh show, in central Baghdad.




25- 2- 2-17

An armed group releases journalist Walid al-Salhi after being held for six hours in Karbala. The authorities there harass him and the police deny they know them.


25- 2- 2-17

Shafaa Kurdy killed in a liberated village in Mosul.


25- 2- 2-17

The wounded photographer (Younis Mustafa), in a village liberated in Mosul.


25- 2- 2-17

Two journalists from the NRT satellite channel Arab office are under threat in Najaf for investigating corruption.


27- 2- 2-17

The disappearance of photographer Safaa Juma at a military checkpoint near Kirkuk.

2- 3- 2017

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Media and Communications Authority (Ali Al-Khuwaildi), sues the president of the Association of Journalists and the young journalists at the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate (Ali Al-Wadi), against the backdrop of news coverage.


4- 3- 2017

Al- Diwaniyah Governorate Council sues journalists and political activists in the governorate as a result of their sit-ins and demonstrations against the Council. They are Issa al-Kaabi, Sajjad Radawi, Shamil al-Ramahi, Ali al-Hilali, Ali al-Shabani and Fares al-Musawi.


6- 3- 2017

President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives sues the sports journalist (Raed Mohammad) for allegedly slander and defamation.


6- 3- 2017

Kurdistan authorities arrest journalists (Ahmad Zebari and Sawara Muhammad) in Erbil and refuse to release them.


12- 3- 2017

Unknown with an American weapon attack the house of the journalist (Heinem Karim), in Sulaymaniyah.


15- 3- 2017

The journalist Riham Emad Sulaiman al-Mahalawi died at her home in Baghdad's Adhamiya district after an accidental accident.


15- 3- 2017

A force from Irbil police stormed the headquarters of the Standard Research and Media Foundation and closed it for unknown reasons.


15- 3- 2017

The operations of Tigris forces sue the journalist (Karim Saadi), because of the control of the north of Diyala province.


15- 3- 2017

Targeting the house of journalist (Yahya al-Shara), by a bomb western Baghdad.

17- 3- 2017

Sulaymaniyah police carry out a "barbaric attack" on (Nashmil Mohammed), during his coverage of football match in Sulaymaniyah


27- 3- 2017

The commander of operations coming to Ninewah prevents the military correspondent (Haider Shakour) from covering one of the axes of the fighting in Mosul.


29- 3- 2017

A military force on the green zone gates attacked the journalist (Aqeel al-Shuweili), which led to a wound bleeding in his mouth.


31- 3- 2017

The journalists (Hussein Ahmed, Ammar Jaafar) Injured in the liberation of Mosul.




15- 4- 2017

Unknown people break a car belonging to Al-Ahd satellite channel in Karbala and steal its contents.


17- 4- 2017

Manhal al-Morshedi survived the assassination attempt in center of Baghdad.


19- 4- 2017

A force with black uniform take the correspondent of Al-Ahd satellite channel (Alaa Saadoun) and photographer (Rafid Jabbar) to an unknown destination after they destroy their stuff.


26- 4- 2017

The correspondent of the military (Rasul al-Sakini), who works in the military information team of the Popular Mobilization Forces, was killed in operations west of Mosul.




27- 4- 2017

Karbala Court A lawsuit filed by the President of the Karbala Provincial Council against the journalist (Tariq al-Kikhani), and considered his article an opinion free of abuse.


27- 4- 2017

The killing of the chief reporter of the military information team during the coverage of the battles of the liberation of urban Nineveh province.


30- 4- 2017

The release of the journalist (Diaa Hashim Gharifi) in Najaf, three days after his imprisonment.


30- 4- 2017

Unknown gunmen with automatic weapons in Diwaniyah attacked the journalist Ja'far al-Hamdawi, he was wounded when he returned to his home and is still in serious condition.



1- 5- 2017

The killing of the military cameraman (Hassan Naji al-Abadi) in the liberation of the Al- Hadhir area in Ninwah.


6- 5- 2017

The authorities in Kurdistan arrest journalist (Ibrahim Abbas) in the Khanzad district of downtown Erbil.


8- 5- 2017

The officials in Karbala discriminated against the media during the visit of the conservative prime minister.


10- 5- 2017

The department of Information in the Iraqi Council of Representatives prevents the correspondent of the Iraqi channel (Heba al-Sudani), from entering the Council under the guidance of the (Faiq Sheikh Ali).




12- 5- 2017

Al-Iraqiya satellite channel punished its photographer (Ahmed Hamid Al-Khazraji), turning it by transport him to another department and threatening him with the final dismissal.


14- 5- 2017

The correspondent of Asia Satellite Channel (Qaisar al-Waeli) receives threats of physical liquidation.


14- 5- 2017

Al-Mawqaf channel team hit west of Mosul, which were represent by correspondent Amir Ghazi, and photographer Amir Al-Karadi.


14- 5- 2017

The correspondent (Riyad al-Ukaili) of Al-Furat satellite channel in Wasit survived the explosion of a landmine when he was escorting specialized forces to lift mines.



14- 5- 2017

A checkpoint belonging to the Baghdad Operations Forces is insulting (Mustapha Jawad al-Shammari), correspondent of Afaq satellite channel.


15- 5- 2017

The publishing court sentenced Tahseen Abu Raghef to prison for three months.


16- 5- 2017

Iraqi media network reports journalist Ahmad Mutair Abbas to investigation for documents dealing with condemning corruption.


18- 5- 2017

The local government of Anbar issued a decision to close the offices of Dijla satellite channel there, as a result of detecting the smuggling of oil to ISIS organization.




18- 5- 2017

The disappearance of journalist Haidar Dakhil, who works as an editor at Sky Press in mysterious circumstances in central Baghdad.


21- 5- 2017

A force from Baghdad operations renewed its violation against journalists and detained the equipment for Hona Baghdad Satellite channel.


22- 5- 2017

Arim Bakhtiar, correspondent of NRT, was arrested in Kufri district of Sulaymaniya for reporting the verdict of a milk thief.


26- 5- 2017

MP (Salim Shawqi), sues (Montazer al-Hurashawi), the correspondent of Al-Shathrat satellite channel in Basra, and demanding the last a million dollars.




27- 5- 2017

Mass trial of a number of journalists and activists people in Diwaniyah.


30- 5- 2017

A reporter for Asian satellite channel Suhaib al-Hiti was killed in a suicide bombing in Heet the western city of Iraqi.


5- 6- 2017

The release of NRT channel director two days after his arrest, and the release of a reporter for the channel was detained by the Kurdish authorities.


12- 6- 2017

The correspondent of Afaq satellite channel (Yasser Jabbar), while escort the security forces in the liberation battles of Zanjili area.


3- 7- 2017

A reporter for the Nina news agency, Ali Hussein al-Lami, and the author of the novel "When Honoraries Revenge" were killed west of Mosul by ISIS while they were escort Iraqi military forces.


7- 7- 2017

A television cameraman, Soudat Fares and the correspondent Harb al-Hazza were killed in the battles north of Tikrit.


11- 7- 2017

A security force assaults journalist Ahmed Abdel Baqi when he covers a football match in southern Iraq, breaking his camera and beating him.


13- 7- 2017

Fadhil al-Naseem, editor-in-chief of the news agency Auma News, is being brought to justice because of the agency's demand for an investigation into a medical negligence incident and the birth of a woman inAl- Refai hosbital’s corrido south of Iraq's.




14- 7- 2017

The bodyguards of Ninewah Governorate, Nofal al-Aakoub, attacked the correspondent of Al-Mosuliya satellite channel Ahmed Amjad Hamed and photographer Karam Mahmoud and another photographer working in the channel while covering the visit of the Minister of Municipalities to the province and the confiscation of their press equipment and detention them.


14- 7- 2017

The correspondent of Karbala satellite channel, Atheer Raad, was injer by an explosive device he was targeting when he was escorting Iraqi forces to liberate al-Hadhar city, west of Mosul.


26- 7- 2017

Journalist Ghayat Abdul Hamid, who is the head of the news agency at Awajel Press, complained that there were some cars watching near his home and hearing repeated shootings.




29- 7- 2017

The official of the city of visitors in Karbala the correspondent of Al-Sharqiya satellite channel, Faisal Al-Kraiti from covering the speech of Secretary General of the Badr Organization during a ceremony honoring the families of the martyrs there.


1- 8- 2017

The securities of the Falluja hospital prevent NRT Arab correspondent Nabil Azami from entering to cover the visit of the US ambassador to Iraq and the UN delegation.


4- 8- 2017

members of the Iraqi Interior attack on the journalist, Manaf al-Moussawi and his son in Al-Saadoun Street in central Baghdad, beating and insulting them.

5- 8- 2017

An armed group tried to kidnap journalist Fouad Hilfi, who works for the French Agency Feller, after uncovering files of corruption in Basra, where they beat him and stole his phone, his car key and his money, then the aggressors ran away after he resisted them and beat him with a musket on his head and held him for some time.

5- 8- 2017

The bodyguards of Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi who made a special visit to the Babylon, prevent Journalists from the Babil tourism resort, where a special conference will be held.


8- 8- 2017

An official in the Ministry of Education and his bodyguards assaulted the Al- Massar 1 satellite channel staff, the correspondent Amir Alaa Al-Khafaji, photographer Wala Amer, and the technical assistant Aqeel Karim, when they went to cover the activities of a conference organized by the ministry to receive objections from students who failed in exams, but the team was surprised by the beatings and take the camera and prevented to take any pictures and talk to the protesters and their families as well as insult and verbal abuse.


9- 8- 2017

The Communication and media Commission (CMC) has threatened Nrt Arabiya satellite channel with harsh procedures in case of not stopping the broadcast of the satirical program Al-Bashir Shaw.


11- 8- 2017

A medical report revealed the attack by an Iraqi police officer working at a checkpoint in Diyala, south of Baghdad, to journalist Haider al-Sheikh, who works as a reporter for Iraqi Council Representative.


21- 8- 2017

The officials of the Cabinet Guest House mistreat journalists and deal selectively with them when they come to cover Kurdish negotiations with the federal government.


26- 8- 2017

Karbala satellite channel cameraman Najm Abdul Ajil was killed as a result of an explosion when he was accompanying Iraqi forces in Tal A’afar.


3- 9- 2017

The wounded freelance journalist Salaam al-Daraji during an attack on the Samarra power station.



9- 9- 2017

Unknown gunmen attack Nina's news agency Hiba Hussein, east of Baghdad.


13- 9- 2017

Three bloggers were released in the Karrada area after being detained for several hours for covering the process of organizing shops in the area.


13- 9- 2017

The Diwaniya Governorate Council, expelled the journalists of the province and did not provide a place for them in the Council.


13- 9- 2017

Prevent the media from covering the meeting of the Prime Minister, "Haider Abadi," with the officials of Nasiriyah.


13- 9- 2017

A document issued by the Kirkuk Provincial Police Directorate revealed the names of a number of journalists who planned to encourage their killing by ISIS.

17- 9- 2017

An attack bomb was found in the courtyard Ali al-Atabi’s home in Baghdad.


25- 9- 2017

Unidentified assailants break up the car of "Ali al-Aqabi", a photographer who works with Ninewah Al-Ghad satellite channel and steal his tools in a sports stadium in Baghdad while covering the event there.


25- 9- 2017

Diwaniya governor prevents photographer of the Al- Hawia agency news "Yousef Gharabi" from entering the province for unknown reasons.


30- 9- 2017

Security forces in Kirkuk, asked correspondent of Al-Ahd satellite channel, Saif Rida, to leave immediately with his family, without giving reasons.




30- 9- 2017

A member of the Traffic Police of Karbala beat "Walid al-Salhi", a correspondent for Al-Tagheer TV channel, and "Haidar Hadi," correspondent of NRT Arabiya satellite channel, while they were on a press mission.


2- 10- 2017

The University of Kirkuk separates students (Mohammad Esmat Faiq) from the Medicine collage because the article on Facebook expressing his opinion on doctor’s behavior with their treat patients.


2- 10- 2017

Luay sadik a journalist photography in Al-nujabaa war channel was killed in Alsalman village near Makhal mountain cjain after the bombing of a car explosion when he documented the battles of the liberation of Hawija.


3- 10- 2017

The director of the Iraqi Media Network, asking for investigation with Rami Al-Lami, because of his request to implement the law in the network.


4- 10- 2017

The photographer (Hamza al-Aboudi), killed, and the photographer (Farqad al-Majidi), reporter (Mortada al-Moussawi), were injered after a mortar shell landed near them as they were escorting security forces in the liberation battles of Hawija.


9- 10- 2017

A traffic accident kills a photographer in eastern of Baghdad.


20- 10- 2017

Ashaish al-Kurdiyya, a correspondent for Al-Ghad satellite television channel, was released hours after he was arrested at the main checkpoint between Erbil and Kirkuk when he was returning from covering actions in Kirkuk.


21- 10- 2017

The management of the Baghdad International Fair takes Procedures measures against journalists entering the exhibition to cover its activities.


22- 10- 2017

The director of the Syndicate of Journalists Branch in Wasit province (Saud Al-Shammari) died at hospital in India after an operation failed.


26- 10- 2017

Members of al- Najaf’s police assault the editor of Daliel Al-Najaf newspaper, Dr. Haider Nizar, as he was heading to his office in the city center.


26- 10- 2017

Raiding a house of Al-Hurra Iraq channelin Diyala (Hadi Al- Anbaky) by a security force without a judicial warrant because of a television report on administrative corruption broadcast by the channel.


26- 10- 2017

The branch of the former Iraqi journalist’s union in Babil province (Thamer Ismail al-Rubaie) was die in a Turkish hospital.



28- 10- 2017

Karbala is suing journalists and a complaint of discrimination between satellite channels Court of Repression A lawsuit against journalists working for the Al- Hakeka newspaper in Iraq, and correspondents in Karbala complain about the discrimination dealt with by the security forces responsible for preparing the special press conference on 10 of Muharram.


29- 10- 2017

Angry protesters assaulted NRT correspondent in Erbil (Ripwar Kaki) when he was broadcasting live from the Kurdistan Regional Parliament building. He was shot on his face and taken to hospital.


29- 10- 2017

The photographer of the Kurdish channel in Kirkuk province (Rakan Sharif) killed by stabbed with knives by unknown assailants.




1- 11- 2017

Director of Al-Rasheed Satellite Channel, a student of Bahr, died after suffering from heart disease.


6- 11- 2017

The management of the Iraqi Media Network asked the General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers to expand its powers by granting compulsory leave for employees of the network.



11- 11- 2017

 Al-Shaab Satellite TV correspondent Sarmad Al-Qaisi received a clan threat for reporting on a woman driving a "taxi" that she claimed to earn a living.


12- 11- 2017

Chairman of Karbala Provincial Council threatened The al-Tagheer satellite channel's correspondent, Walid al-Salhi, by said “I will be burying you under the ground” it was an answer for Al- Salhi question.

16- 11- 2017

The reporter, Rana al-Ajili, was killed and her photographer, Montazer Adel, was injured in Qaim.



17- 11- 2017

 attack by Popular Mobilization Forces of the former governor of Ninwa beat the staff of the Mosuliya satellite channel.


21- 11- 2017

 the program's presenter in the Iraqi media network, Aziz al-Haj, survived an attempted kidnapping when unknown people followed him after he left his office.


29- 11- 2017

 Gunmen attacked the office of the Turkman satellite channel Eli and the building keeper was seriously injured.





29- 11- 2017

The correspondent of NRT Arabiya in Karbala province, Haydar Hadi, was in front of the judiciary for preparing a television report on the falsification of land bonds in the province.


4- 12- 2017

The Iraqi Media Network refers a number of journalists to the investigation because of a typographical error.


7- 12- 2017

The arrest of television presenter Majid Salim in Sulaymaniyah by Kurdish forces for several hours.


11- 12- 2017

The Iraqi judiciary released the writer, Samir Obeid, after being held in prison for nearly a month and a half.


11- 12- 2017

Journalists from Diyala province complained of inappropriate treatment by the governorate health department during press coverage.

12- 12- 2017

Members of the security forces beat the staff of Al-Mawqaf satellite channel consisting of reporter Hasan Hadi, photographer (Haidar Mohammad) and assistant photographer (Safaa Khalaf) while covering the events of the Shorja market fire, "in central Baghdad.


16- 12- 2017

Mohamad Al- Halbosy Al- Anbar governor, made a decision about close the offices of Al-Sharqiya satellite channel in the province.


18- 12- 2017

the correspondent of NRT Arabiya, Taha al-Adnan, was seriously injured as a result of the launching of suffocating gases towards the demonstrators from Kurdish forces there.


19- 12- 2017

The Asayish forces attacked the NRT station and detained member of the staff.


20- 12- 2017

Kurdish security forces arrest media staff working in Sulaymaniyah, Ali Al-Tuwaijri, a correspondent for Al-Ittijah satellite channel, and a photographer, as well as a cameraman of the Asian satellite channel after his camera was destroyed.


21- 12- 2017

The bodyguards of Ninewah Governor Nawfal al-Aakoub severely assaults journalist Mohamed Amin Abdel-Gawad, then handed over to the National Security Service, due to a tweet on Facebook.


26- 12- 2017

A number of directors of radio stations complained that the Communications and media commission imposed a high annual subscription fee on these stations for the next years that preceded it and retroactively, which prompted the management of Radio Dimuzi to announce the closure end this year in protest against those drawings.




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