Media and communications fees threaten independent media and bring Iraq back to totalitarian rule

  26/12/2017 01:12         Statement         106   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech explain its deep concern at the actions taken by the against the media, which may lead to the decline of independent media and return the country to the totalitarian rule in the management of radio and satellite channels.

The Iraqi Center ask the Iraqi parliament and Prime Minister Dr. Haidar al-Abadi intervened to stop the procedures of the Communications and Media Commission Authority to impose high fees for granting licenses to broadcast.

When Iraqi Center reviewing the Law No. 65 of 2004, which was enacted by the President of the US occupation authority, Paul Bremer, which deal with Communications and Media Commission Authority it was noted that the establishment of the Commission shall be independent, do not seek to make a profit, "and that the law does not include a special figure for broadcast over the ether, however, the communications and media authority continues to impose these high fees on media organizations operating, where the "independent media" is affected.

“The Communications and Media Commission Authority imposed fees on the radio amounting to nearly half a billion Iraqi dinars, and decided to close the radio at the end of this year" The director of Radio Dimuzi, Ibrahim al-Saadi, said that to the Iraqi Center.

"Radio Dimuzi is one of the legally licensed stations that paid the fee in a fundamental way, but the media and the Communications and Media Commission Authority decided to increase the fee and to pay retroactively, which made us comply with the decision of a government institution.


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