Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech ask the governor of Ninewah to desist from pursuing journalists and arresting them

  27/12/2017 03:12         Statement         130   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech condemns the actions of Ninewah governor Nawfal Al-Aakoub against journalists working in the media there. Where the Iraqi Center monitored numerous violations by the Governor and his staff of journalists, in order to direct them to highlight the activities of the Governor to promote him.

In this regard, the Iraqi Center calls on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to immediately intervene and investigate with the the governor of Mosul, Nofal al-Aakoub, after repeated severe beatings by his close associates and elements of his bodyguards against journalists, the last was the attack on (Mohammed Amin Abdel-Jawad), who was summoned to the governor’s office on Wednesday evening, he was subjected to severe beatings and then handed over to the National Security Service. Previously, security guards working with the governor attacked journalists at a fuel station in front of the public. The attack was documented by the surveillance cameras.

Colleagues of the injured journalist Abdul Jawad, explained to the Iraqi Center, that he works as a freelance journalist and for the account of Flier Press published a blog post praising the Municipality of Mosul, but he criticized the cowards who appeared after the evacuation of the war without naming anyone. One of the comment of this publish was threat manner. He was summoned to the governorate building where he was severely beaten and transferred to the national security apparatus in Mosul. He is still being held and feared for his safety.


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