Correspondent of a satellite channel arrested by an arbitrary manner in Diwaniyah

  09/01/2018 01:01         Statement         122   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech condemns the repeated arbitrary detention of journalists by Police in the southern cities, the latest was the detention of Mohammed Ismail, correspondent of Al-Rasid satellite channel in Diwaniyah, and then released him, by police manager, the incident comes a week after a similar incident in Dhi Qar during the celebration of birthdays.

The police director and his staff detained me and take our equipment at 10 pm on Monday when I was covering police searches on the background of kidnapping and illegal acts suffered by the city, Mohammed Ismail said that.

He added” in spite of I was show them my press idea and told them that I was do my job without exceed the law, and the police detained and refused to release me without the intervention of the provincial police manager.


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