The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech records violations in one day

  10/01/2018 10:01         Statement         143   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech on Wednesday recorded new attacks against two journalists, the first in Baghdad and the other in Najaf.

While the Iraqi Center condemns repeated violations against journalists, demands the security authorities in Najaf to intensify the investigation into the incident of storming the house of the journalist, Iman Rasool al-Kufi and the announcement of results to public opinion, and provide adequate protection for journalists working there.

The Iraqi Center received a statement from the journalist, Iman Rasool al-Kufi, who lives in Australia and is currently visiting Iraq now, who said that her home in Al- jame’a neighborhood in Najaf was stormed by unknowns when she was not there, where the assailants left some of the effects while taking possession of the mobile phone without stealing any of the house's possessions, money and jewels in it, she was expressing concern that this is an attempt to kill her.


In Baghdad, Faleh al-Khalidi, editor manager of Al-Borsa newspaper, was humiliated by security forces of the Iraqi Customs Authority when he was on a business mission there, without real justification.

“When I highlighted the press idea, they went further, stressing that reminding them of this is not possible, especially as they follow officials running positions and ministries that did not benefit them, but pushed them to continue to abuse” Al- Khlidy said.


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