The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech provides a legal team for a television reporter and asks for the prosecution the security forces

  14/01/2018 07:01         Statement         232   

The Iraqi Center condemns the actions taken by the security forces against the journalists and the latest one which was on Sunday afternoon with Sarmad Abbadi, the Correspondent of satellite channel Hona Baghdad, when he was followed by a police car with the aim of intimidation, and the patrol members forced him to escort them and to withdraw his personal identities.

The Iraqi Center also calls on the management of Hona Baghdad Satellite channel, and its victim correspondent, to institute legal proceedings against these members, where the Iraqi center provides a legal team for the channel.

The Iraqi Center received a message from the correspondent of the channel, Sarmad Abadi, he said” The assault began from harassment walking to develop to the pursuit by a patrol of the police of Al- Muthanna district, indicating that his arrest was forced after that, and take his personal car document, in addition to an inappropriate words and insults, surely that the patrol forces, forced him to accompany her to the police station there.

So, the Iraqi Center for Supporting freedom of Speech the minister of Interior Qassim Al-Araji to stop the violations against journalists, especially since it has escalated recently.


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