The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech asks the governor of Muthanna to stop discrimination between the journalists

  01/02/2018 06:02         Statement         236   

The Iraqi Center rejects discrimination from Al- Muthanna Governorate administration with journalists working there by not granting work permits to some media representatives in the province.

While the Iraqi Center respects the administrative procedures undertaken by the governor of Muthanna to make the journalists’ work easy, the Iraqi Center calls for non-discrimination between journalists and granting them free space to work there.

"The governor issued more than two months ago special identities for journalists in the province to facilitate their work” the Correspondent of ANT Arabiya channel in Muthanna, Haidar al-Hamdani, said “but I did not include this bag, "noting that" without his bag we cannot work there, so I and some colleagues are almost banned from working in the province and we are subjected to many harassments. "

" "The application was accompanied by a letter of support from the channel, but the governor did not issue the identity to the rest of the journalists," "State institutions in Muthanna do not receive any journalist and do not deal with him, unless he holds this identity." he adds.


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