"Hit, threaten, imprison and prosecute" the most serious violations against journalists over the past month

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The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of speech recorded a number of violations against Iraqi journalists during February. The most prominent of which was the beating of satellite TV staff while covering the ceremony of the headquarters of a political party in Anbar province, in addition to covering the activities of Salahaddin University which then the sentence of a civilian activist (6) years in prison in Al- Muthanna, as well as "latent threats", which journalists and bloggers were exposed to because of their comments on decisions and positions issued by parliamentarians and government officials.

At the same time, the Iraqi Center, in the first month of this year, was pleased with the decrease in violations, However, the Iraqi Center fears that the countdown to the date of the parliamentary elections could lead to increased attacks on journalists.

While the Iraqi Center calls on all political forces to educate their staff to respect the work of journalists and facilitate their tasks, and He hopes the government to direct its staff and members of the security forces, to cooperate with journalists and respect their work according to the Constitution and the law.

The Iraqi Center publishes detailed incidents of violations during February, with the exception of a number of cases at the request of journalist’s violators:

  • 1/ 2/ 2018

The governor of Al- Muthanna is discriminating between journalists, while not granting work permits to some media representatives in the province.

  • 6/ 2/ 2018

Court of Al- Muthanna issued a sentence of (6) years against the civil activist, Basim Al- Khashan, due to two judicial petitions filed by the provincial council, and the Office of Integrity Commission.

  • 9/ 2/ 2018

The release of the photographer Khalil al-Barakat in Al- Muthanna after his arrest for hours because of his solidarity with the civil activist Basim Al- Khashan.

  • 18/ 2/ 2018

Unknown assailants attack radio presenter Abdullah Kitan in Maysan province and steal his personal phone.

  • 23/ 2/ 2018

Wasit Directorate of Education sued Riad al-Aqili, the director Al-Furat satellite channel, because of a television report on the educational situation in the province.

  • 26/ 2/ 2018

The Bodyguards of MP Mohammed Karbouli, assaulting the staff of Al- Anbar satellite channel, consisting of Moayad Ibrahim and Osama Al- Rashed during their duty to cover the opening of the headquarters of Al- hal Party in Khaldiyah southeast of Al- Anbar province.

  • 27/2/2018

Federal Court of Cassation issued a decision to release the civil activist Basim al- Khashan and overturns the decision of Al- Muthanna Court.









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