The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech rejects the excessive use by senior official to put the journalists between the hammer of the law and the clans of the clan

  14/03/2018 03:25         Statement         156   

The Iraqi Center rejects the "extravagance of local officials" in prosecuting journalists, activists and intellectuals, instead of absorbing criticism, public discontent and cultural people due to poor disease and failing, they resort to lawsuits, threats of tribal rivalry, or imprisonment of journalists demanding high amounts of compensation.

Ammar Salim al-Jubouri, the program coordinator for the Salah al-Din satellite channel, the Iraqi, reported that the local council for Duluiyya had threatened him with clan rivalry or filed a lawsuit because of a leaflet on his Facebook page, in which he criticized the naming of one of the new aspects village (That Al- Sawater) In relation to a battle fought by the Jabour clan against an oppressive ISIS organization.

The Iraqi Center calls the local council in Dulwiya district to assume its responsibilities and to absorb the anger of citizens and their criticism and resentment.

The Iraqi Center asks the judicial institution not to respond to such cases, which have led social groups and the result of tension to accuse the judiciary of bias, so we reject and express our confidence in the Iraqi judiciary and believe that it represents justice and the right and does not favor a political party.

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech promises to provide a legal defense team if al-Jubouri is prosecuted.


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