The Iraqi Center for Supportting Freedom of Speech has recorded 17 cases of violations of journalists over the past three months

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The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech recorded a number of violations against Iraqi journalists during the first quarter of this year, The Iraqi Center did a number of lawsuits filed by government institutions and Several bloggers have been persecuted for their views on social networking sites, but disclosure of their names puts their lives at risk.

The Iraqi Center deplores these violations that restrict the work of journalists, it calls on the government to direct its staff and security forces, especially the need to cooperate with journalists and respect their work according to the Constitution and the law.

The Iraqi Center publishes detailed incidents of violations that occurred during the period specified, reserving a number of cases at the request of violators:


1/ 1/ 2018

Ali Abas, a cameraman of Al-Furat satellite channel in Dhi Qar province, was subjected to beating and arrest when he wrapped up his New Year's Eve coverage.


9/ 1/ 2018

Mohammed Ismail, a correspondent for Al-Rasid satellite channel, was detained for hours by Diwaniyah police station, and released after his press equipment was confiscated.




10/ 1/ 2018

 Unknown gunmen break in the journalist Iman Rasool al-Kufi’s home in Al- Najaf and steal her job stuff when she was outside the house.


10/ 1/ 2018

The editor of Al- Bursa newspaper Faleh Khalidi was insulted by security forces of the Iraqi customs authority when he was on a mission.


14/ 1/ 2018

Sarmad al-Abadi, a correspondent for Hona Baghdad satellite channel chased by police for intimidation, forced him to accompany them to a police station, and withdrew his personal documents.


18/ 1/ 2018

A group of students from a school in Diwaniyah province attacked the staff of   Dijla satellite channel when they reported on a school incident, it was believed that the teachers had incited students to attack the channel staff.


22/ 1/ 2018

The manager of the Iraqi media network, Munir Ali al-Hassoun, hits the director of the media relations department in the network, and expels him from his office, and the incident is a dangerous precedent.


1/ 2/ 2018

The governor of Al- Muthanna is discriminating between journalists, while not granting work permits to some media representatives in the province.


6/ 2/ 2018

The Court in Al- Muthanna province issued a sentence of (6) years against the civil activist, Basim Khashan, due to two judicial petitions filed by the provincial council, and the Office of Integrity Commission.


9/ 2/ 2018

The release of the photographer Khalil al-Barakat in Al- Muthanna after his arrest for hours because of his solidarity with the civil activist Basim Khashan.


18/ 2/ 2018

Unknown assailants attack radio presenter Abdullah Kitan in Maysan province and steal his personal phone.


23/ 2/ 2018

Directorate of Education in Wasit sued the director of Al-Furat satellite channel Riad al-Aqili, because of a television report on the educational situation in the province.


26/ 2/ 2018

The security of MP Mohammed Karbouli, assaulting the staff of Al- Anbar satellite channel, consisting of colleagues Moayad Ibrahim and Osama Rashed during their duty to cover the opening the headquarters of Hisb Al- hal in Khaldiyah southeast of Anbar province.


27/ 2/ 2018

Federal Court of Cassation issued a decision to release the civil activist Basim Khashan and overturns the decision of the Court of Muthanna.



13/ 3/ 2018

Ammar Saleem al-Jubouri, the program's editor in Salah al-Din satellite channel, received a threat from the clan rivalry of the local council to Al- Dhuluiya sector or to file a lawsuit because of a publication on his Facebook page.


28/ 3/ 2018

Candidate in Al- Fatih alliance in Karbala threatened the correspondent of NRT Arabiya, Haidar Hadi, to sue for a television report on early election propaganda.


28/ 3/ 2018

Director-General of the Ministry of Agriculture sued the director of Al-Furat satellite channel Ahmed Salem Al-Saadi and newscaster Laith Al-Jazairi because of television articles broadcast by the channel about the performance of the ministry.


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