The head of the Iraqi media network is causing the imprisonment of a political analyst for a year and demands for a special amnesty

  09/05/2018 02:36         Statement         87   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech condemns the unprofessional approach by the head of Iraqi media network, Mujahid Abu Al-Hill, against the network's employees, especially those who express their views in criticizing the performance and content of the speech in social media sites or participating in demonstrations.

Where he raises a lawsuit on the academic and political analyst (Mohamed Naana Hassan), because of his participation in demonstrations protesting the performance of the Iraqi media network, where the Baghdad appeals court / Karkh Federation of the academic (Mohammad Noman Hassan) in prison for one year.

While the Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech refuses the Iraqi media network’s behaviors and respects the decision of the Iraqi judiciary.

Mujahid Abu al-Hill Badr “head of the Iraqi Media Network” issued a decision to all directorates and sections of the network announce the ruling of one of their colleagues, and inform them the content of the judicial decision and details and guide them to commit not to participate in demonstrations against the head of the network.

While surprised by the decision, the Iraqi Center explains that this is a threat to journalists working for the network and a reminder of the methods of non-professional dictatorship, as the expression of opinion is guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution.

The Iraqi Center calls the Prime Minister, Dr. Haidar al-Abadi, issued a special amnesty for the academic and political analyst in the Iraqi Media Network (Mohammad Naana Hassan), And the Iraqi media network should not be the basis for suppressing freedom of expression


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