The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech calls on the region to reveal the fate of a civilian activist kidnapped by a leaflet in Facebook

  28/05/2018 01:11         Statement         97   

The Iraqi Center condemns repeated attempts to silence voices expressing which reveal the suffering by citizens in the Kurdistanز The last one was carried out with the civilian activist Mustafa Saleh Bamarni, who was kidnapped in the center of Dohuk by unknown persons, who are probably affiliated with a to a security source.

At the same time, the Iraqi Center holds responsibility for his life to authorities of Kurdistan Region, Iraqi Center calls on the head of the regional government, Nigervan Barzani, to intervene urgently to expose his fate and hold the "kidnappers" accountable. And call the authorities of the region to respect the freedom of expression provided for in the constitution.

An armed group wearing civilian uniform was kidnapped civil activist Mustafa Saleh Bamarni, in Duhok market and led to the unknown destination, according to the representative of the Iraqi Center in Dohuk.

" The citizens believed that the kidnappers belonged to the Kurdish Asayish forces, "where they arrested him for criticizing the performance of the ruling authority through his Facebook page.

The center's representative added that the kidnapper was taken to the unknown destination, while citizens say that he is "arrested and not kidnapped because of his criticism days ago of high fuel prices in Kurdistan and the many problems suffered by citizens in Duhok."


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