The Iraqi Center for Support Freedom of Speech provides a defense team and rejects the restrictions of the media and communications authority on Al- Ahad satellite channel 

  30/05/2018 03:06         Statement         163   

The Iraqi Center rejects the measures taken by the Media and Communications Authority against a number of media institutions that aim to restrict their work, the latest one that what they doing about the program (Tawkeet Al- Asemah) which broadcast by Al-Ahed satellite channel, under the pretext that it violated professional controls.
The Iraqi Center calls on the media and communications authority to withdraw its complaint because it hampers the work of the media.
The Iraqi Center for the Defense of Freedom of Expression pledges to provide a legal defense team to Al-Ahed satellite channel to confront the claims of the Information and Communication Authority.
According to a document issued by the Information and Communication Authority, the head of the Commission Ali al-Khuwaildi registered a complaint against Al-Ahed satellite channel about what happened in (Tawkeet Al- Asemah) program which was broadcast by (Rinas Ali), and demanded a fine Because the program violated several paragraphs of the professional behavior set by the Commission.


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