An arrest warrant against a journalist to uncover corruption at Najaf airport and demand the prime minister to intervene

  02/06/2018 02:30         Statement         158   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech condemns the repeated attempts to prosecute and silence the voices of journalists who are preparing investigative reports on corruption charges, the most recent of which was the management of Najaf airport against the correspondent of NRT (Arab) channel Hossam Kaabi.
While the Iraqi Center refuses to fabricate accusations against journalists and dragged them to the area of justice, he trusts the justice of the judiciary and respects judicial decisions.
The Iraqi Center calls on Prime Minister Dr. Haidar al-Abadi to intervene urgently to withdraw the complaint against NRT Arabiya correspondent in Najaf, Hossam al-Kaabi, because of his press articles related to the airport.
The Iraqi Center calls Najaf’s governor, Louay al-Yasiri, to refrain from cracking down on media correspondents working in the province and giving them enough freedom to practice their work.
Hossam al-Kaabi, a correspondent for NRT Arabiya, told the Iraqi Center that he "dealt with the corruption of Najaf International Airport and the illegal way of working for the airport, the Prime Minister and an official letter by the General Secretariat for the council of Minister, instructed the appointment of a new director for the airport and removal the directors of the airport consisting of 5 parties in Najaf, but the board of the airport refused to hand over the airport.
“After the announcement of the suspension of broadcasting in the Arabic channel NRT, the board of directors of the airport intends to retaliate for me to raise the subject constantly and expose all files of their corruption” Al-Kaabi pointed out that, noting that "the Council of the airport controls the salaries of employees and they are isolated by the executive and legislative authority."
He continued: "The board of the airport registered a complaint against me in accordance with law 437 and accused me to stealing documents and communications of the airport, “and an arrest warrant issued against him."
The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech asserts that the law guarantees the right of access to information and the journalist is also entitled not to disclose his sources in obtaining documents that are not prohibited.
The Iraqi Center promises to provide a legal defense team to journalist Hossam al-Kaabi to respond to the claims of the chairman of Najaf airport.


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