A television reporter in Karbala represents two judges  in one day

  05/06/2018 04:13         Statement         76   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) refuses to repeat attempts to prosecute and silence the voices of journalists by filing lawsuits aimed at restricting their work. The latest of which happened with Haider Hadi correspondent of the "NRT Arabia", which was closed recently, which included the exposure of two judicial proceedings within one day.
While the Iraqi Center (Rights) is confident of justice and respect for judicial decisions, it calls on officials to respect freedom of expression and invest constructive criticism to assess the work of government institutions.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), a member of the House of Representatives for the province of Karbala Habib Al- Tarfy and the head of the provincial council Naseef Al-Khattabi demanded the withdrawal of the complaint against NRT Arabiya correspondent in Karbala Haidar Hadi.
Haidar Hadi, a correspondent for NRT Arabiya in Karbala, told the Iraqi Center (Rights) that he was facing two judicial appeals by the MP from Karbala province, and another from the head of the provincial council Nassif al-Khatabi, a week after the closure of NRT Arabiya satellite channel, preceded by a threat by the sons of the MP because of the preparation of reports that highlight the suffering of the citizens of Karbala. "
The Iraqi Center pledges to provide a legal defense team to Haider Hadi to respond to the claims of deputy Habib terminal and the head of the provincial council of Karbala Nasif Khattabi.


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