Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of speech(Rights) condemns the arrest of a television reporter in Falluja and demands Abbadi and Araji a serious stance

  10/06/2018 02:16         Statement         97   

The Iraqi Center (Rights) condemns the repeated restriction on journalists’ job in the exercise of their work and their role in covering the events in the country, the most recent of which was the arrest of Al-Sharqiya News correspondent in Anbar (Mustafa Al-Hamed), in the early hours of Saturday, June 09, 2018.
At a time when the Iraqi Center (Rights), rejects these actions, it demands the Commander of the Armed Forces d. Haider al-Abadi, and Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji, to immediately release the correspondent of Al-Sharqiya News in Anbar, and punish those who have been arrested and referred to the courts, since their conduct came without a warrant of arrest or a judicial order.
"The security center of al-Tahadi police station in the district of Falluja arrested the correspondent of the channel in Anbar Mustafa al-Hamed when he was at his home, and told him they have just some questions" Abdul-Samieh Azzawi, director of the Sharqiya News office told the Iraqi center about that.
"The suspect was taken to the Khalidiya police station without mentioning the reasons and the circumstances of the arrest," Azzawi said.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) calls on the administration of Al-Sharqiya satellite channel to file a lawsuit against Anbar Police Directorate for arresting a journalist without a judicial warrant. The Center also undertakes to provide a legal team for this case.


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