Rights center calls on legal authorities to investigate threats against Ahmed Mullah Talal

  12/06/2018 02:34         Statement         416   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech(Rights) calls on the legal authorities to investigate the threats by MP Ali al-Sijeri against a television presenter (Bel Haref Al- Wahed) which broadcasting in Al-Sharqiya News satellite channel, and provide security guarantees to him.
While the Iraqi Center(Rights) condemns the intimidation and threats of journalists, and holds the security authorities responsible the safety for the journalists and their family.
said “I received threats via a text message sent to me from the personal phone number of MP Ali al-Sijeri, warning me and my journalistic work and the reports that I presents in my program, especially that deals with corruption files, and the most recent of which was the disclosure of a file of corruption within the program accused of the Alsjeri MP. "
" After i opened the fraud’s file of the elections and hosted MP Mishaan Jubouri, who accused MP Ali al-Sijeri that he bought the Office of the Commission of Salahuddin, received a threat of physical liquidation of MP Ali al-Sijeri." Ahmed Mulla Talal added that”.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) asserts that it will pursue the matter legally through the legal team charged.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) also promises to provide a legal team for television presenter (Bel Haref Al- Wahed) (Ahmad Malatalal) which broadcasting in Al-Sharqiya News satellite channel if he wants to sue MP Ali Al-Sijeri for the threat.


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