The governor of Diwaniyah is required to intervene to withdraw lawsuits against three bloggers

  07/07/2018 12:20         Statement         113   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) rejects the inclusion of bloggers who criticize the performance of service institutions in the judicial arena to restrict and obstruct their work, the most recent of which was the establishment of the Qaimmakam Afak’s district in Diwaniyah Majid al-Mnawwar against three judges of bloggers judiciary.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), asked the governor of Diwaniyah, Dr. Sami al-Hasnawi, calls Qaimmakam Afak’s Majid al-Mnawwar to withdraw his complaint against the three bloggers, Hassan al-Muhanna, Abdullah al-Hamzawi and Abu Mukhtar as the highest executive in the province, and because this is contrary to the freedom of expression, criticism and protest guaranteed by the Constitution.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) pledges to provide a legal defense team to the three bloggers to meet the claims of the district court of Afak Majid al-Manzoor.
"He and his colleagues Abdullah al-Hamzawi and Abu Mukhtar al-Iraqi received a communication from the office of the judicial investigation in Afak because of a complaint filed by the district court of Afak Majid al-Manzoor, who was accused of inciting citizens to protest against Services, while we demand a change. " Hassan al-Muhanna report the Iraqi Center(Rights).
He confirms that "with his colleagues write in their pages on Facebook about the negative cases in the judiciary and deliberate neglect of government, pointing out that this does not appeal to the Qaimmakam because he is greybeard’s son.


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