Rights rejects the threat of teacher in Dewaniya by Information Office of the Governor for criticizing the performance of the Electricity Committee

  08/07/2018 02:07         Statement         75   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) refuses to repeat the threats against journalists, bloggers and citizens when expressing their opinion on the performance of local and central governments, The most recent of which was happened with the professor at Imam al-Kadhim College in Diwaniyah (Arqan Abbas), from an unjustified accusation and threatening the judicial complaint by the Director of Special Media to Diwaniyah Governor Khalid Mohammed on the background of criticizing the performance of the "Electricity Complaints" Committee which was formed in the province.
The Iraqi center (Rights) calls on the governor of Diwaniyah, Dr. Sami al-Hasnawi, to take responsibility and absorb the anger of citizens as a result of the apparent failure in the administration of the state and to direct officials in the province to bear the criticism and resentment of citizens.
The Iraqi Center asked Al- Diwaniyah’s governor to punish those who persecute freedom of expression and criticism of all institutions of the province, because it is a constitutional right guaranteed.
He published a publication on my Facebook page, criticized the performance of the electricity complaints committee in the province, and did not respond to citizens' contacts, and the director of private media for Diwaniyah governor Khalid Mohammed accused me of commenting that the publication carries a target in addition to threatening to institute a lawsuit," the professor at Imam al-Kadhim College in Diwaniyah (Arqan Abbas) said that to the Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech) Rights). 


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