Rights: The action of stop a television program by the Information and Communications Commission is a dangerous precedent and a denial of freedom of expression

  24/07/2018 12:07         Statement         67   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech rejects the repeated actions taken by the media and communications authority against a number of media organizations using the pretexts of professional rules of conduct to put restrictions on television programs that convey the discontent of the government, the most recent of which was the Commission to stop the program (Hadeth Al- Nass), for one month. Presented by (Majid Salim), on Honna Baghdad satellite channel. 
While the Iraqi Center (Rights) deplores the alleged decision, it calls upon the government to instruct the media and communications authority not to use these repressive and dangerous practices to stopping a television program highlights the suffering of people by interacting with the public by expressing their views.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) promises to provide a legal team to Honna Baghdad satellite channel to challenge this decision before the judicial authorities, and also asked the channel director Jafar al-Shammari to sue the media and communications authority.
“The Communications and Information Authority decided to suspend its one-month program as of July 23, 2018 on the pretext of incitement to demonstrate” the presented of the program (Majid Salim) told the Iraqi Center(Rights)


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