Rights demands Wasit governor to withdraw complaint filed against a civil activist who claimed to have burned his home in the demonstrations

  29/07/2018 03:58         Statement         88   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights), Wasit Governor Mahmoud Mulla Talal, has demanded that the complaint against civil activist Kazem Jawad Al-Quraishi be withdrawn for his participation in the protest demonstrations in the governorate.
At the same time, the Iraqi Center(Rights) its strong confidence in the judiciary, and refuses to turn opinion leaders and protesters protesting against the deterioration of the service situation to the accused, in order to restrict their work and to prevent the expression of opinion guaranteed by the constitution.
The civil activist (Kazem Jawad Al- Quraishi) faces a lawsuit filed by the Governor of Wasit Mahmoud Mulla Talal on the pretext of inciting the protesters to burn the governor's house. The trial is due to be held at the Wasit Court on Monday (7/30/2018).
The Iraqi Center (Rights) promises to provide a legal defense team for the civil activist (Kadhim Jawad Al-Quraishi) if he wishes to respond to the claims of Wassit Governor in the case of the Misdemeanor Court under the Federal Court of Appeal of Wasit.
The civil activist (Kazem Al-Quraishi), the Iraqi Center (Rights), that his trial on Monday (30-7-2018) due to a complaint filed by the governor of Wasit Mahmoud Mullah Talal on the pretext of inciting the burning of the governor's home.


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