Rights recorded three attacks on journalists in one day in Basra

  01/08/2018 03:55         Statement         123   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) refuses to repeat the attacks and abuses of media organizations, which cover the demonstrations and protests taking place in the southern governorates, the most recent of which was carried out by the security Forcees of the Basra Provincial Council building from an attack on the institutions of Al- Huraa satellite channel, Reuters news agency and Al- Marbed.
Asam al-Sudani, a cameraman of the Reuters news agency in Basra, was assaulted by an associate of the provincial police because of filming the security forces' attack on the sit-in witnessed by the province on Tuesday (31 July 2018), ), and the correspondent of Al-Hurra Iraq satellite channel in Basra, Saad Qusay to harass and withdraw his tools for hours, as well as the arrest of Al- Merbed  Radio news agency correspondent Ahmed Najah and forced And to force him to see the material documented by the security forces.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) condemns this systematic attack against journalists and demanding the Commander, Dr. Haidar Abadi, and the security forces’ Commander in Basra, to respect the work of journalists covering the demonstrations and events in the country, and not put them in the category of rivalry.
A photographer for the Reuters news agency in Basra, Issam al-Sudani, told the Iraqi Center (Rights), that he was attacked by an associate in the Basra police assigned to protect the provincial council, mention that he wanted to withdraw my camera because of filming scenes of the attack by security forces tent protesters and confiscated by force, but I was able to resist and escape them.
Al-Hurra satellite channel correspondent in Basra, Saad Qusay, also confirmed the harassment and withdrawal of his tools for hours.
The correspondent of Al- merbed Radio agency Ahmed Najah,  was arrested and watch the material that he documented.


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