Rights record restricts the work of 100 journalists and bloggers during July

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The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights), recorded 100 journalists and bloggers from practicing their work during July 2018, and this figure is the highest this year, it was a number of violations against journalists and demonstrators, the most prominent of which was the beating of satellite TV crews while covering demonstrations that took place in the southern governorates early last month.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), concerned about the escalation of violations by the security forces, especially against demonstrators, journalists and bloggers, and that was contrary to the Constitution and international treaties in respect of human rights, while calling for the Iraqi Center, all political forces to educate their staff to respect the work of journalists and facilitate their tasks, and to direct the security forces, especially the need to cooperate with journalists and respect their work according to the Constitution and the law.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) publishes the detailed events of the July 2018 attacks, reserving a number of cases at the request of violators themselves.
1/ July
The bloggers Hassan al-Mahna, Abdullah al-Hamzawi and Abu Mukhtar al-Iraqi were sued by the mayor of Afak district of Diwaniya province, Majid al-Mundhour, for criticizing the local situation in the judiciary.
8/ July
The demonstrator (Saad Yaqub al-Mansouri) was killed and four other protesters were injured by riot police who fired live bullets at the demonstrators in Basra.
8/ July
The threat of teacher (Arkan Abbas), By the director of private media for Diwaniyah governor (Khalid Mohammed), because of his criticism of the work of the Electricity Complaints Committee formed in the province.
10/ July
Three demonstrators were injured in the attack by the security forces, in addition to an attack on an officer in the Basra Operations Command with unacceptable words to the peaceful demonstrators.
20/ July
 Security forces assaulted the cameraman of the Asian satellite channel in Najaf (Zaid al-Salami), severely beaten for covering the demonstrations.
20/ July
The network's staff in the Diwaniyah, consisting of Ali Tawfiq, Murtada Mohammed and Karar Alaa, were prevented from covering events and were beaten by the security services.
22/ July
50 arrest warrants and 15 attacks against journalists and bloggers in six provinces witnessed demonstrations.

24/ July
Stop the program (Hadeeth Al- Nass), which is broadcast by the Hona Baghdad satellite channel and presented by (Majid Salim), by the media and communications under the pretext that he violated the rules of professional conduct.
27/ July
Preventing demonstrators and journalists from entering Tahrir Square in center of Baghdad for hours by the security forces amid heightened security.
28/ July
Prosecuting the blogger (Kazim Jawad Boladh) by the governor of Wasit Mahmoud Mullah Talal on the pretext that he incited the demonstrators to burn his house.

31/ July
Assault on Al-Hurra TV agency correspondent in Basra, Sa'ad Qusay, and Reuters photographer in Basra, Essam al-Sudani, in addition to the correspondent of Al-Marbad TV (Ahmad Najah), beat and confiscated their equipment for hours by security forces who they were protecting the building of the province of Basra because of covering the sit-in witnessed the province.


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