Rights condemns the oppressive actions of Abu Hail against the journalists of the Iraqi media network and demands Abbadi to intervene

  13/08/2018 01:08         Statement         135   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of speech (Rights) condemns the repetition of the oppressive actions taken by the head of the Iraqi media network Mujahid Abu al-Hill, against the employees of the network while expressing their opinion, the latest of which happened with the television director Rami Lami, who was punished for reduce the degree of functional because of his opinion of the social networking site "Facebook".
While the Iraqi Center (Rights) rejects these oppressive actions, it is an unprecedented persecution and poses a threat to the future of freedom of speech and the media in our country.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) asked the Prime Minister Dr. Haidar al-Abadi, and the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network, to intervene immediately to stop these non-democratic and non-professional practices, and that dealing with journalists should not be part of the approach of exploiting the position of the employee through the repetition of the repression of journalists working in the network Who express their opinions in their pages on social networking sites.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) promises to provide a legal team to the television producer Rami Lami, if he wishes to defend himself before the judiciary.
The director of the Iraqi Media Network (Rami Lami), told the Iraqi Center (Rights), he is subjected to threats lined and blackmail by the head of the Iraqi media network, Mujahid Abu al-Hill, For the fact that he opened the file of preparatory diplomas for all special grades in the Iraqi media network, including (Abu Hail), and a member of the Board of Trustees (Huea Osman), that who did not provide a preparatory certificate (correct document), pointing out that "since long time.
And accused "the head of the Iraqi media network, exploiting his position to get me functionally and began to punish me with arguments that do not exist to force me to silence and do not speak the subject of his testimony, which has not been resolved to this moment, He has been able to provide support only and did not bring a study document for the high school, and this does not close his file currently with the Integrity Commission.
"The head of the Iraqi media network has already issued a penalty for reduce the degree of functional on 5/10/2017 after receiving the postion for less than a month," Lami said, adding that he "stripped him of his work as a television director, while the penalty was also transferred  him to Anbar province. "
" "Another reprimand was issued on 31/1/2018 under the pretext that I was attacked the senior management of the network, and recently issued another penalty for the same arguments claiming that I did wrongly behavior to the headquarter of  network, and staff, artists and media Iraqis and Arabs." Lami’s added.
The truth is that the investigation did not complete in legal form, because Abu Hail controls the legal department, which resulted in two unjust punishments to be added to many of the previous sentences that have been inflicted on me," he said.


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