Rights refuses to detain a television cameraman in Anbar and prepares an attack is not appropriate for the security forces

  04/09/2018 07:11         Statement         176   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) rejects the behaviors used by security forces responsible for protecting government institutions, and the latest of which occurred in Anbar Health Department, the hospital's security guard detained the cameraman of the Samarra satellite television station in Anbar, Mohammed al-Khalidi, because of his covering the duty of a journalist, for an hour, for unknown reasons.
While the Iraqi Center (Rights) deplores these behaviors of dealing with journalists, it is a blatant and unacceptable attack, and it is inappropriate for the security forces to implement the law.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) calls on Anbar Governor Mohammed Al Halbusi and Anbar Health Director Khudair Khalaf Shalal to punish them and to hold them accountable for holding a journalist without a warrant and causing obstruction of his work, especially as he works for a known satellite station.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) calls Samarra satellite channel to prosecute the security forces of the Anbar Health Department, pledging to provide a legal team for this case.
“I was subjected to abuse and detention by the Anbar Health Security for one hour," said Mohammed al-Khalidi, a cameraman of Samarra satellite channel Anbar, noting that "the Director-General of the health of the province did not take any action, despite knowing the subject."


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