Rights Center strongly condemns the killing of demonstrators in Basra and demands Abbadi for urgent intervention

  04/09/2018 01:09         Statement         180   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech strongly condemns the violence use against peaceful demonstrators in Basra province, the latest of which occurred on Tuesday (September 4, 2018) about 36 demonstrators were killed and injured because of live bullets by the deployed security forces in Basra.
While the Iraqi Center (Rights) refuse the Suppression of demonstrations and protests of citizens in Basra, by members of security forces and their commanders, so the Iraqi Center(Rights) asked the Commander of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, to ordering the security leaders not to overtake the demonstrators as they use their constitutional right to peacefully protest the deteriorating service situation and to take urgent decisions against security personnel to break the Constitution and use excessive force against demonstrators, while the Center is concerned about the increasing number of violations of freedom of expression and opinion.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), calls the Basra Operations Command and the demonstrators, for a total abstention from resorting to violence because of its negative impact on public property in the province.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), warns the security authorities in Basra of the increasing number of deaths due to severe injuries and the increasing number of arrests.


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