Rights calls Al- Diwaniya Health Directorate to facilitate the functions of journalists and respect their work according to the law

  26/09/2018 03:28         Statement         105   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) refuses to repeat abuses committed by officials against satellite crews and other media in order to obstruct their work or to conceal facts from public opinion.
The Iraqi center (Rights), the General Director of Diwaniya Health, Ms. Lamia al-Hasnawi, calls for the establishment of facilities for journalists and media, because the constitution ensured them.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) reminds all officials of item 3 of the effective law No. 21 of 2011, which stipulates that "the public and private sector, the public sector which the journalist shall practice his profession before it to provide the facilities required by his duties to ensure the dignity of his job. "
Two members of the Dijla and Belady satellite channels in Diwaniyah, Zeid al-Fatlawi, Mohammed al-Bolani, Murtada al-Amidi and Mohammed Jebel, the Iraqi Center (Rights), reported that they were attacked and accused by the Director General of Diwaniya Health Dr. Lamia al-Hasnawi, while she said that we do not need the media it is too eighth to put it on my Facebook page. "
This comes in response to the question directed by the two channels, on the statistics of those infected with poisoning, which was previously announced for a satellite channel and the exact number, but she replied that we were not allowed to ask questions and declined to make statements, while inappropriate words were used as general manager, claiming that the page carries more audience than viewers of those channels.
The Director of Information department in Diwaniyah of Health Haider Star Al Qaisi, explaining that the interviews by journalists with the Director General should be in timeline, but we were surprised by the entry of satellite channel photographer Mohammed Jabal and accompanied by Mohammed al-Bolani, to the Office of the Director General without a prior appointment, and asked for accurate statistics, and at the same time,   he confirmed that this statistic is not available until after a prior appointment by journalists.
Al-Qaisi told the Iraqi Center (Rights), in response to the questions asked by the center to the Diwaniyah Health Department on the charge of assault and accusations, that there was no attack except a natural reaction to a provocative question. 


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