Rights Record restricts 120 journalists and bloggers from doing their jobs and 45 protesters were killed and injured in the last three months

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The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights), recorded the work of 120 journalists and bloggers from practicing their work during the last three months of this year, this number is the highest compared to last year, the most prominent was the death and injury of dozens of demonstrators and the attack on satellite channel’s staff, while covering the demonstrations that started from the southern provinces.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), concern about the escalation of violations by the security forces, especially against demonstrators, journalists and bloggers, and is contrary to the Constitution and international treaties in respect of human rights.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) calls on all political party to educate their staff to respect journalists' work and facilitate their work, and hope that the new parliament will issue decisions that will learn employees and security forces, to cooperate with journalists and respect their work according to the Constitution and the law.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) publishes detailed incidents of violations during the last three months of this year, reserving a number of cases at the request of violators:

July/ 1
The bloggers Hassan al-Mahna, Abdullah al-Hamzawi and Abu Mukhtar al-Iraqi were sued by the mayor of Afak district of Diwaniya province, Majid al-Mundhour, for criticizing the local situation in the judiciary.

July/ 8
The demonstrator (Saad Yaqub al-Mansouri) was killed and four other protesters were injured by riot police who fired live bullets at the demonstrators in Basra.

July/ 8
(Arkan Abbas), threaten by the director of private media for the governor of Diwaniyah (Khalid Mohammed), because of his criticism the work of the Electricity Complaints Committee formed in the province.

July/ 10
Three demonstrators were injured in the attack by the security forces, in addition to an attack by an officer in the Basra Operations Command with unacceptable words to the peaceful demonstrators.

July/ 20
Security forces assaulted the cameraman of the Asian satellite channel in Najaf (Zaid al-Salami), severely beaten for covering the demonstrations.

July/ 20
The media network's staff in the Diwaniyah governorate, consisting of Ali Tawfiq, Murtada Mohammed and Karar Alaa, were prevented from covering events and were beaten by the security services.

July/ 22
50 arrest warrants and 15 attacks against journalists and bloggers were recorded in six governorates with demonstrations.

July/ 24
Stop the program of modern people, which is broadcast by Honna Baghdad satellite channel, presented by (Majid Salim), by the media and communications under the pretext that he violated the rules of professional conduct.

July/ 27
Preventing demonstrators and journalists from entering Tahrir Square in Baghdad for hours by the security forces.

July/ 28
The prosecution of the blogger (Kadhem Jawad Boladh) by the governor of Wasit Mahmoud Mulla Talal on the pretext that he incited the demonstrators to burn his house, and then was released by Kut Court Misdemeanors in the presidency of Wasit appeal.

July/ 31
The reporter of Al-Hurra TV in Basra, Sa'ad Qusay and the photographer of the Reuters news agency in Basra, Essam al-Sudani, in addition to the correspondent of Al-Marbad radio station Ahmad Nagah, beat and confiscated their equipment for hours by protecting the Basra Governorate building against the backdrop of coverage of the demonstrations.

August/ 4
The governor of Kirkuk, Rakan Said al-Jubouri, is demanding the Counterterrorism Forces to sue journalists and bloggers, Warba al-Khaki, Imad Jabari, Sa'ad Naji Fadhil, Awwad al-Jubouri, Firas Jassim al-Hamdani, Qais Jumaa al-Radwani and Ali Arafeh. under the pretext of inciting public opinion

August/ 13
lessening the career of the TV director, Rami Al-Lami by the head of the Iraqi Media Network, Mujahid Abu Al-Hill, for expressing his opinion, in social networking sites.

September/ 1
A Reuters cameraman in Basra (Essam al-Sudani) was detained for several hours for covering the protests in the province.

September/ 3
The detention of Mohammed al-Khalidi, the photographer of Samarra satellite channel in Anbar, by the protection force of a hospital there.

September/ 4
36 demonstrators killed and wounded by use live bullets by the security forces in Basra.

September/ 22
Al-Diwaniyah Investigation Court issues a communiqué to the activists Rida al-Shaibani and Shamel al-Ramahi because of two invitations recorded by MP Mansour al-Baiji and a member of the Diwaniyah provincial council Hakeema al-Shibli on charges of publishing and criticizing Facebook.

September/ 25
The Director General of Diwaniya Health, Lamia Al-Hasnaoui, attacked Zaid Al-Fatlawi, Mohammad Al-Bolani, Murtada Al-Amidi and Mohammad Jabal, the staff of Dijla and Beladi satellite channel in Diwaniyal space in the province of Diwaniyah, and to refrain from answering their questions.

September/ 28
Al- Baiena satellite channel team in Muthanna was prevented from covering the visit of Minister of Water Resources Hassan al-Janabi to the province.


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