Rights condemns the aggression against Al-Ahed satellite channel team in Babil and demands the Minister of Interior an urgent investigation

  08/10/2018 05:37         Statement         159   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech condemns the attacks on journalists covering the events in all Iraqi provinces, the latest was the incident with Al-Ahed satellite channel team in Babil, who were attacked by the security forces, in front of the assistant commander of the special task force in Babil, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Moayad, after the team was prevented from covering.
At the same time, the Iraqi Center (Rights) condemns these irresponsible actions and calls the Interior Minister Qassem al-Araji and Babel police chief Ali Kwaa al-Zughaiby to open an immediate investigation, and establish facilities for journalists working in the province, due to issue a directive to stay away when the journalist covering events in the province.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) calls Al-Ahed satellite channel in Babil, composed by the reporter Zulfiqar Al-Khafaji and his photographer Mohammad Al-Safir, to file a complaint with the legal courts against the assistant of the Special Task Force Commander in the province, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Muayed, and the Center undertakes to provide a team of lawyers to defend them.
The correspondent of Al-Ahd satellite channel in Babil, the Iraqi Center (Rights), that he and his photographer Mohammed the ambassador were exposed Friday evening to the "assault by the security forces and before the eyes of the assistant commander of the Special Task Force in Babylon, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Muayyad, after they were prevented from covering the rituals of Husseiniya in Kifl.
“The officer prevented him from filming under the pretext of non-authorization before filming, noting that the identity was highlighted by the channel, but the officer prevented us from filming and asked to extinguish the camera after knowing that we belong to the channel of the Covenant” Al- Khafajy said.
He added that after contact with the police of Babil, they sent a radio call to the officer, but the assistant commander of the Special Task Force in Babil, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Muayad, listened to the appeal and refused to allow us to do our job and sent force to attack us by beating and the reasons unknown.


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