Rights rejects the persecution of the introduction of radio programs by her director and demands the Council of Diwaniyah to take a decision

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The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) rejects the practice of restricting the freedom of journalist by the heads of these institutions, the most recent of which was with the presenter of programs in Diwaniyah Radio Asma al-Ousi by the director of the radio Husam Hussein Hameed, who prevented her from entering the radio building because of her criticism of the deteriorating educational reality.
While the Iraqi Center (Rights) condemns these unconstitutional and illegal practices, and demanding the Diwaniyah Provincial Council an official position as a result of this violation, especially as Diwaniyah Radio is installed as a section of the provincial council, and that the members of the Council believe in the Constitution, which guaranteed freedom of expression and criticism of the performance of all governmental institutions.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), calling the program's presenter in Diwaniya Radio Asma al-Ousi, for a complaint to be filed against the director of Diwaniyah radio station Hossam Hussein Hameed, the center is committed to a team of lawyers, it will strengthen the application of the law.
"I was summoned by the director of the radio station to the owner of the provincial council, who is considered the head of the Diwaniyah radio, on Wednesday after the morning program, which carries awareness and education of the community in addition to other paragraphs" The program's presenter, Asma al-Aloussi, told the Iraqi Center (Rights).
“During the presentation of the program, they contacted the Diwaniyah education media to congratulate them on the occasion of the start of the school new year, and received the communication and congratulations, in addition to explaining the most important obstacles that permeate the educational process” Al- Aloussi added that.
She explained that the director of the radio addressed harsh words to me after the program, and inappropriate words as well as ridicule my potential and ordered the prohibition of receiving all contact from any official source and limit all contacts of officials in a program concerned with citizens' complaints and not the activities of officials.
She said that she did not obey the orders of the director and went out to the Diwaniyah provincial council, and I met the director of the Council Jubair Salman Al-Jubouri and his deputy, Haider Al-Shammari, and promised to take legal action to rectify it.
She emphasized the introduction of radio programs "On Thursday, October 4, as usual, I went to the radio in the morning to broadcast my program. I was surprised that I was prevented from entering the radio station and presenting the program and taking this decision in a personal and informal manner without investigating the subject.


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