Rights" condemns the attempt to assassinate the presenter of television programs south of Babylon and the Interior Ministry is demanding an investigation

  17/10/2018 03:10         Statement         97   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) condemns the repeated targeting of journalists and bloggers for their active activity in criticizing the performance of government work, the most recent of which happened with the television presenter Ahmed Kanani in Qassim district south of Babil province.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) calls on Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji to direct the police chief of Babel, Major General Ali al-Zughaybi, to open an immediate investigation and to reveal the circumstances of the investigation to the public opinion in order to identify the perpetrators and their motives, in addition to providing the necessary protection for television presenter Ahmed Kanani.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), asked Ahmad Kanani, to registration and follow-up of a lawsuit, while "Rights" undertakes to provide a legal team for the case.
The television presenter, Ahmed Kanani, told the Iraqi Center” Said he was returning to his home in the area of Qassim after midnight on Tuesday - Wednesday, was waiting for his brother, and when he arrived, was surprised by a group of gunmen fired heavily at the car, resulting in a shoulder injury, and his brother took him to a nearby hospital”.


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