Rights demands the government of Erbil to take a position against the Director of Education for assaulting a cameraman

  23/10/2018 05:01         Statement         130   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) deplores the repeated harassment of officials in the Kurdistan region to media organizations and journalists working there, the Center calls on the authorities of the region to respect the work of media and give them sufficient space to exercise their role in the work.
Erbil's director of education media, Marwan, prevented the television cameraman Saif al-Muhannad, to coverage of the queues of the citizens who visited the education department after withdrawing the identity of his press work.
At the same time, the Iraqi Center (Rights) rejects this violation. It demands that the Governor of Erbil and the Director of the Education declare their position on this attack so that public opinion can be respected.
Rights calls on media organizations to sue the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) when it commits a constitutional and legal violation to the media by preventing it from covering events in the region or harassing journalists working in these institutions.
The television cameraman, Saif al-Muhand, who recently worked for the Samarra satellite channel, told the Iraqi Center (Rights), by exposing him to violating and restricting his work by preventing him from filming, and withdrawing his work identity after presenting it to the director of Arbil Education Media, who not only confiscated it for hours, but poured his anger through insults and abuse in an inappropriate manner.
Muhannad explained that he was filming the large number of citizens in the Directorate of Education in Erbil, which called on the Director of Media Representative to call the security of the Department to confiscate his personal phone for hours.


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