Rights "warns of the escalation cases of assault on journalists and the latest attack onthe editor of the Najaf media network 

  13/10/2018 12:10         Statement         166   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) calls on the head of the Supreme Security Committee, the governor of Najaf, Louay al-Yasiri, to uncover the circumstances of the attack on the editor of Najaf media network Zia Gharifi, in Al- Rawan street in the center of the province.
While the Iraqi Center (Rights) condemns the targeting of journalists and bloggers in all parts of the country because of their work, it calls on the local government of Najaf and the police leadership to shoulder their responsibilities to protect journalists.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) warns of the escalation of attacks on journalists, amid the silence of the security forces, which is supposed to protect workers in media institution.
The editor of the Najaf media network, Diaa Gharifi, told the Iraqi Center (Rights) that he was subjected to an armed attack by eight people carrying various weapons, in Rawan Street in the center of Najaf.
Al- Gharifi confirmed that he was able to know some of the people who works in the Rafidain Center for dialogue, indicating that they assaulted him by beating, as well as threatening to liquidate the body.
He pointed out that all the security authorities did not intervene at the time of the attack, adding that he called the police chief for more than 10 times, but he did not respond to his calls.


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