Center: Unidentified terrorized family of Al- Diwaniyah journalists syndicate, and Abdul Mahdi demands to intervene

  26/10/2018 10:10         Statement         166   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) condemns the pursuit intimidation practices by government agencies against journalists, and the latest of which happened with the head of branch of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in Diwaniyah, Bassem Habas, by unknown men wearing black uniforms and riding a government wheel, who arrived at his house and practiced terrorism against his family.
While the Iraqi Center (Rights) considers these practices "despicable" and demands that the Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, to direct the security forces in Diwaniyah province to work seriously to detect those involved and their motives, and those who stand behind it, While the center warns the submission of these devices because of some influential forces in the province.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) fears that the Diwaniyah province becomes an inadequate environment for journalistic work due to the political differences between the ruling groups and the active powers.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), holds Al- Diwaniya Governor Sami al-Hasnawi the responsibility of the head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate there, Basim Habas, and the safety of his family.
The Iraqi (Rights), asks the head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in Diwaniyah, Bassem Habas to file a lawsuit with the judicial authorities, while "rights" undertake to provide a team of lawyers to enforce the right.
The head of the Syndicate of Iraqi Journalists in Diwaniyah, Bassem Habas, told the Iraqi CenterIRights) that his family was in the past hours to be intimidated by unidentified men wearing black uniforms at about seven o'clock yesterday evening and they are riding in a government car type of shaded because they are policemen, "adding that they told his family issued an arrest warrant against him.
"”His family told him that they did not delay more than 30 seconds and told us that an arrest had been issued by an unknown party and they left at a mad speed for fear of revealing their faces and because the street was then in total darkness," Al- Habas added.
Habas said that he then moved his family from the house, where only women and children were present. On the second day, my house was closed, fearing that these two persons would not know who they belonged to, or Perhaps exploitation on the other hand.
The head of the Syndicate of Journalists in Diwaniyah, he contacted the police chief of Diwaniyah and the head of the National Security Service to find out the truth of this matter and found that they are unknown and not belonging to the security services, and no arrest or judicial complaint has been issued against me and the legal proceedings have known contexts to be followed and enforced


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