Rights refuses the attack by a traffic police officer in Diwaniya on crew of Al- Iraqiya satellite channel and demands the registration of a lawsuit

  03/11/2018 03:52         Statement         130   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech(Rights) deplores the repeated methods used by members of the security forces against journalists to restrict their work, the most recent of which was happened with the correspondent of Iraqiya satellite channel in Diwaniyah, Amin al-Hilali, by a traffic police officer.
At the same time, the Iraqi Center (Rights) rejects these unacceptable and uncivilized behaviors and demands that the Director General of Traffic, Amer Al-Azzawi, and the Director of Diwaniyah Traffic, Brigadier Nazim Al-Jassmi, to punish the Lieutenant Colonel, "Najah" because of his actions with the Al- Iraqiya satellite channel crew in non-polite words and prevent them from reaching their headquarters in the center of the province, in addition to issuing guidance to facilitate the functions of journalists because the law ensured them.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), a correspondent for Al-Iraqiya satellite channel in Diwaniya, Amin Al-Hilali, is calling for a lawsuit to be filed with the Iraqi courts.
Al-Iraqiya satellite channel correspondent Amin Al-Hilali told the Iraqi Center (Rights) that he was "insulted, humiliated and disrespectful" by a traffic officer the Lieutenant Colonel Najah in the province on Tuesday evening. 
The traffic officer prevented Al- Iraqiya satellite channel crew in Diwaniyah from reaching the headquarters of our district in the center of the governorate, under the pretext of "the street was closed."but, three cars were allowed to drive, one of which was a traffic policeman.
He said the channel team was returning from covering the live broadcasts of the visitors to Al-Arbeenia.


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