Rights Condemns Riot Attack on Teachers Demonstrating to Gain Their Rights in Basrah

  06/12/2018 09:52         Statement         147   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) condemns the attacks on peaceful demanding ask for their rights in all Iraqi provinces, the most recent of which was an attack by a senior officer in riot control, who met with teachers who contracted with the education of Basra.
At the same time, the Iraqi Center (Rights) rejects these irresponsible actions. and calls on the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, to immediately investigate the incident, and the need to establish facilities for citizens who claim their rights peacefully.
The Iraqi Center calls on protesters who have been assaulted to file a complaint against members of the riot police in Basra, and pledged to provide a team of lawyers, considering that they had clearly violated the law.
The representative of the Iraqi Center (Rights), in Basra, reported that two demonstrators were attacked by riot police under the supervision of a senior officer during the demonstrations of contract holders of teachers in front of the Directorate of Provincial Education.
And added that the officer and a group of security forces attacked the staff and employees Indicating that they took the phone of one of the protesters.


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