(Rights) calls for the immediate release of the Dejla channel crew detained in City of Medicine hospital and calls on the Minister of Health to intervene

  06/02/2019 02:02         Statement         70   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) calls on the Director General of the City of Medicine hospital to immediate release of Dejla TV team, composed by correspondent Anas Yousef and photographer Ahmed Mohamed, while the Center is a method of arbitrary detention "dangerous precedent".
While the Iraqi Center (Rights) condemns the method of detaining the channel team without a judicial order, it calls on the Minister of Health Alaa Alwan, to open an urgent investigation against the Director-General of the City of Medicine Hassan al-Tamimi because of violating the law on the rights and protection of journalists by directing a security force to arrest journalists to cover the suffering of people. 
“The director of the Medical City Hosbetal, Hassan al-Tamimi, detained the channel's team Anas Yousef and the photographer Ahmed Mohamed and prevented him from filming, usually restricting the freedom of journalists who have been arrested by the medical city police and are currently being held at the hospital's police station.


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