Rights reveals the trial date of NRT correspondent in Karbala and undertakes to provide a defense team

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The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) rejects repeated attempts to prosecute and silence the voices of journalists by filing lawsuits to restrict their work, the latest of which happened with HaiderHadi correspondent of the "NRT Arabiya", which was closed earlier,and he was filed a lawsuit in the Karbala Misdemeanors Court on Tuesday 19 of this month following a complaint recorded by former MP Habib Al- Tarfybecause of the preparation of a television report.
While the Iraqi Center (Rights) is confident of justice and respect for judicial decisions, it calls on officials to respect freedom of expression and invest constructive criticism to assess the work of government institutions and their performance.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), asked the former member of Iraqi Councel of Representativesin Karbala Habeb Al- Tarfyfor the province of Karbala Habib terminal to withdraw the complaint against NRT Arabiya correspondent HaiderHadi in Karbala.
“The court of misdemeanors Karbala decided to call him to plead the next Tuesday, 19 of this month against the background of a lawsuit set up by the former MP Habib Al- Tarfy because of a report in the channel that I work by showing one of the citizens martyrs in the province,talking about before the parliamentary elections, noting that the citizen said that her votes were stolen by former MP Habib Al- Tarfyand try to compromise in order not to reveal the subject” HaidarHadi, a correspondent for NRT Arabiya in Karbala, told the Iraqi Center about that.
Hadi confirmed that he had received a call from Al- Tarfyto delete the report he had broadcast on NRT and posted it on my Facebook page, but I refused, and he sued me.
The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech pledges to provide a legal defense team to the media HaiderHadi to respond to the allegations of former MP Habib Al- Tarfy.


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