Rights demands the Minister of Health to rescind his decision to punish health professional’s protestors and refuses to be considered "violators"

  22/02/2019 11:02         Statement         62   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) rejects the decision of the Ministry of Health to consider health professionals who have been protesting to claim their rights and improve the health situation "Violators" of the law on the discipline of government employees, while the Iraqi Center considers the tyrannical action as a "dangerous precedent”.
At the same time, the Iraqi Center (Rights) denounces the Ministry of Health's referral to its departments in all governorates to take administrative and legal procedure (in reference to directing sanctions) against employees who protest against the failure of their rights to be provided by the concerned institutions, the Iraqi Center calls on the Minister of Health, Dr. 'Ala Al-Alwan, to cancel the ministerial reshuffle and apologize to the employees who demanded their rights and expressed their protest in a civilized manner consistent with the Iraqi Constitution in force. Otherwise, the Center describes this ministerial procedure of repression.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) calls on all employees affected by the Ministry of Health to file lawsuits against the Minister of Health for a constitutional violation in preventing employees from expressing their views, while pledging to provide a team of lawyers in this regard.
The Iraqi Center received a copy of a very urgent document issued by the Ministry of Health and Environment by the number (DAM / 1/12382 A on 21/2/2019) addressed to the health departments in Baghdad and all governorates / Director General in addition to the City of Medicine.
The document states: Due to the reluctance of some of our health institutions because of leaving work without legal and security approvals and staff demonstrations, causing delays in access to the provision of medical services to citizens and thus a threat to the lives of our patients.
The document adds: It is decided to discuss your employees to abide by the official term and take all administrative and legal procedures against violators who did not comply with the work and the law of discipline of State Employees No. (14) of 1991.


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