Rights) condemns the attack on Dejla’s crew in Najaf and asks to cessation of barbaric methods)

  09/03/2019 02:03         Statement         60   

The Iraqi Center for Support Freedom of Speech (Rights) condemns the repeated attacks and violations on journalists during the coverage of events, the latest of which happened with the crew of Dejla satellite channel in Najaf province, which was the center's oil team attacked the channel's correspondent Ahmed Al-Ghazali and the photographer, accompanied by Waleed Marza severely beaten, causing the destruction of his press equipment and bruises in his body so he transferred to the hospital.
At the same time, the Iraqi Center (Rights) rejects the barbaric methods of attacking journalists and calls on the relevant authorities to immediately investigate the matter and publicize the results of the investigation.
The Iraqi Center (Rights), also calls the team of Dejla satellite channel who have been attacked, for a lawsuit against the Central Oil Group, while the Center undertakes to provide a team of lawyers in this regard.
The photographer of Dejla satellite channel in Najaf province, Walid Marza, told the Iraqi Center (Rights), that during the match between Al- Shurta Nafit Al- Wasat club in Al- Tadhamin club in Najaf, which ended with the loss of oil center, which called for the attack of the team on the referee of the match and Al- Shurta club.
During these events, the crew of Dejla channel, who was covering the game, represented by the photographer Waleed Marza and the reporter Ahmad Al-Ghazali attacked during the filming by a cameraman and some training staff and members of the administrative and hit him in order to take the camera and film material, that causing him injured and took to the hospital in order to destroyed his camera.


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