Rights) deplores the attack on the correspondent of Al-Najba channel by the security forces of Imam Al- askary in Samarra

  10/03/2019 10:03         Statement         57   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights) deplores the repeated harassment of security guards and institutional protectors, buildings against media organizations and journalists, so the Iraqi Center demands the military to respect the work of the media to cover the religious visit, and give them enough space to use their role in the work.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) condemns the detention of Al-Najba satellite channel correspondent Salah al-Din Muhammad al-Obeidi after he was severely beaten by the security forces there and demanded to open an urgent investigation and detect the circumstances of the attack and punish the aggressors.
Rights calls on media organizations to prosecute persons who disrupt their work or assault their staff because they violate the constitution and the law by preventing them from covering events or harassing journalists working in these institutions.
Amir al-Quraishi, director general of Al-Najba Satellite Channel, told the Iraqi Center (Rights), that the security guards at Samarra detained the channel's correspondent Mohammed al-Ubaidi in Salah al-Din after being severely beaten after being besieged


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