Rights, calls Baghdad commander of operations to punish members who stopped broadcasting a television program

  07/04/2019 08:04         Statement         163   

The Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support rejects repeated attacks and violations against journalists by members of the security forces when they cover events in the country's areas, the most recent of which was conducted with the team of the program, "Their Voice" broadcast by NRT Arab channel presented by Hassan Nabil, who attacked by members of the Baghdad operations in the Kadhimiya area and forced the program provider to stop the program for 15 minutes.
While the Rights Center condemns the NRT Arab TV team to stop the live broadcast of a television program, after obtaining official approval from the commanding officers, it is a serious abuse of freedom of expression and a violation of the constitution and laws in force.
In this regard, the Rights Center calls on the Commander of Baghdad Operations Jalil al-Rubaie to issue an immediate directive to punish the aggressors of the NRT Arab channel team and respect the freedom of press work and pledge not to repeat these barbaric attacks.
The Rights Center calls on the management of NRT Arabiya to register a lawsuit against members of the Operations Baghdad Command for assaulting the channel staff while pledging to provide a team of lawyers in this regard.
“three members belonging to the Baghdad Operations Command prevented me to filming our program for 15 minutes, and behaved unsuitable our team, noting that the attack came after obtaining official approvals from the Baghdad Operations Command one day before filming” The presenter of "their Voice" program broadcast by the channel NRT Arab Hassan Nabeel told the Rights Center about that.


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