Rights Center: a doctor assaulted a television reporter in Karbala 

  01/05/2019 01:34         Statement         109   

The Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support deplores the repeated harassment and attacks by officials in government departments to media organizations and the journalists, the Center calls on the Karbala Health Department to respect the work of the media present to cover the current events in the governorate and to give them sufficient space to exercise their role in the work.
While the Rights Center rejects insulting the correspondent of Al-Tagheer satellite channel in Karbala and Walid al-Salhi by the emergency department official at Al Hussein Hospital, who used a dangerous and unprecedented behavior to accuse the journalist of carrying out events in the province in addition to insulting and cursing and pushing hands, it calls on the Minister of Health, Alaa Alwan and the Director General of Karbala Health, to intervene immediately, open an urgent investigation, uncover the circumstances of the attack, punish the abuser doctor and announce the results to the public opinion.
The Rights Center calls on the Al-Tagheer satellite channel to sue the emergency official on Monday night (28/4-2019), which caused their work to be obstructed and their crews attacked as a violation of the constitution and the law.
“I was subjected to an unprecedented attack verbal abuse and handshake on Monday (29/4-2019 from the emergency official in the Hussein hospital after pursuing the event that took place in the province and related to the death and injury of a number of citizens because of the dust storm”, a reporter for Al-Tagheer satellite channel in Karbala, Walid al-Salhi, told the Rights Center.
“The emergency official called on the security forces to drive me out from the department, surely that the doctor treated him in a humiliating manner, indicating that he obtained approval for imaging inside the hospital from the Department of Health Karbala” the reporter for Al-Tagheer satellite channel Walid al-Salhi, added that.


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