Rights Center: the arrest of 11 members of New Generation Party is a repressive and revenge practice

  11/05/2019 04:05         Statement         146   


The Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support strongly condemns the actions taken by the Kurdistan Regional Authorities to suppressing various opinions with the ruling parties, and the latest of which was the arrest of 11 members of New Generation Party without judicial warrants and fabricated accusations, in order to undermine them and intimidate other opponents of the policy of ruling parties in Kurdistan, the Rights Center believes that these practices are reprisals issued by parties that do not believe in pluralism in the region. And also the Center reported that detainees were subjected to physical torture inside the General Security Center in Sulaymaniyah Governorate.
While the Rights Center rejects the dictatorial practices of the ruling authorities in Kurdistan, Detention in a repressive manner is incompatible with the principles of democracy that have been found to restrict the authority of the rulers and reduce the possibilities of their arbitrariness, and to manage the political conflict peacefully.
The Rights Center calls on President Barham Saleh to take immediate and urgent action against persons violating the constitution in the Kurdistan region, and to direct the immediate release of members of New Generation Party detained in the Department of Public Security in Sulaymaniyah province, because the Public Security Department prevented lawyers from reaching them.
The security forces and the anti-terrorist forces of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) arrested 11 members of New Generation Party for misuse of the means of communication, which is supposed to be the responsibility of police stations rather than security forces, that surprising that their problem is not legal but political.
The detainees are:  Rund Hikmat Shaker, Rund Najem Al- Deen Saleh, Zamanaku Aku Ahmed, Shku Ako Mamd, Hazar Raouf Rahman, Mirko Kamal Aziz, Zardasht Ahmed Mohamed, Osama Baki Mohammed, Hawker Tariq Mohammed, Mohamed Omar Ahmed, Benar Hussain Hassan.


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