Rights Center: We reserve the judicial decisions against Shawwar Abdul Wahid and fabricating the charges is unacceptable

  20/05/2019 08:05         Statement         86   

The Center Rights for Freedom of Expression Support is in compliance with the judicial decisions issued by the Kurdistan Regional Courts regarding opponents of the policy of the two ruling parties, the latest of which was with the leader of the new generation movement, Shaswar Abdul Wahid, who has been detained since last Thursday on an unconvincing charge.


While the Rights Center strongly condemns the actions taken by the authorities of the Kurdistan region in suppressing various opinions with the ruling parties, and the fabrication of accusations, with the aim of undermining the owners and intimidating other opponents of the policy of the ruling parties in Kurdistan, the Center considers these practices reprisals issued by parties that do not believe in multi-parties in the region.
The Rights Center also rejects the dictatorial practices of the ruling authorities in Kurdistan, the Detention in a repressive manner is incompatible with the principles of democracy that have been found to restrict the power of the rulers and reduce the likelihood of their abuse, and to manage the political conflict peacefully.
The Rights Center calls on President Barham Saleh to take immediate and urgent action against the violators of the constitution in the Kurdistan region and to direct the immediate release of the leader of the new generation movement Shaswar Abdul Wahid because the judiciary in Kurdistan refrains from releasing him on bail.
The judiciary in Kurdistan arrested the leader of new generation movement Shaswar Abdul Wahid since Thursday, May 16, and is still detained because of charge of the ruling parties to provide for the misuse of modern means of communication.


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