Rights Center condemns the use of violence against demonstrators in Basra and asks the operations commander to intervention

  22/05/2019 09:05         Statement         92   

The Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support condemns the violence against peaceful demonstrators, most recently the use of live bullets by security forces, during the demonstration, which began on Wednesday (22 May 2019), in front of the Basra Oil Company, while the Center is preparing these attacks systematic method and a plan to end the protests in Basra.


While the Rights Center rejects the suppression of demonstrations and protests of citizens in Basra, by members of operations leadership in province,
It calls for the commander of operations, Major General Qassim Nazal al-Maliki to direct the security leaders not to overtake the demonstrators, as they carry out their constitutional right to peacefully protest against the lack of employment opportunities, to make urgent decisions against security personnel to break through the Constitution and to use excessive force against demonstrators, while the Center is concerned about the increasing number of freedom violations of expression and opinion.
The Rights Center calls for Operations Command in Basra and the demonstrators to refrain from resorting to violence, because of its negative impact on the public property in the province.


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