The authorities are required to reveal the fate of the writer and journalist Samir Obaid

  23/10/2017 03:10         Statement         2176   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech asks the Iraqi authorities to disclose the fate of the writer and political analyst Samir Obaid, who was arrested from his home in Baghdad on Sunday.


The of Obaid’s brother , said in a telephone call to the Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech, the security force of the 54th Brigade, the second regiment of the fourth company consisting of 6 cars and other black armored on Sunday afternoon, they searched the house where my brother Samir lived in the Qadisiya neighborhood near Karkh from Baghdad. They took him to an unknown destination, but we could not see his fate until now.


Samir Obeid was living in one of the European countries before returning to Iraq. He has been analyzing and writing journalism. A number of his articles have sparked controversy in political and elitist. His last article on 21 October criticized some government policies.


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