Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support rejects the threat of educational supervisor to a teacher in Babylon and demands the governor to intervene urgently

  14/07/2019 04:07         Statement         1486   


The Rights Center rejects the threat of educational supervisor in Babylon to the teacher,Dhargham Hussain Jabbar on the background of publishing a fake page in the social media about the travel of the supervisor RaadRasulDhahid outside the country and not to visit schools in charge of follow-up, which the school belonging to the teacher Jabbar.
While the RightsCenter deplores the sectarian threat of the educational supervisor, Dahid, so, he warns against any administrative action by EducationDirectorate of Babylon on fabricated charges, in order to satisfy the educational supervisor at the expense of the right.
The Rightscalls on BabelGovernor,Karrar Al-abadi to open an urgent investigation about the incident and to protect the freedom of expression and fairness the teacher Dhurgam Hussain Jabbar.
The RightsCenterasks the teacher, Al-MoallemDargham Hussain, to calling for a lawsuit against the educational supervisor RaadRasool to take advantage of his job and threaten him during the official working hours, while the Center undertakes to provide a team of lawyers in this regard.
Dargham Hussain Jabbar, told theRights CenterThat the educational supervisor, RaasRasulDahid, threatened to sue the clan after publishing a fake page in Facebook about his travel outside the country, indicating that the Education Directorate of Babylon is working to install this charge as a conviction against him.


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