Rights Center calls Barzani for the abolition of blocking social media sites in the region and its closure is a violation of freedom of expression

  17/07/2019 06:07         Statement         1430   


TheRights Center forfreedom of expression support Condemns the actions taken by the authorities of Kurdistan Region to disrupt the social media site Facebook, after the incident of the attack on Turkish Consulate staff in Erbil,while the Center considers this action a flagrant violation of freedom expression and contrary to the Iraqi constitution and international covenants.
While the Rights Center rejects attempts to cover up existing realities in the region, and calls on the President of the region, Mr. MasrurBarzani, immediate guidance to cancel the blocking of social networking sites, and hold accountable those who took this measure because it restricts freedoms and contributes to the violation of a human left constitutionally guaranteed, which was affirmed in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, which provides for freedom of expression, that includes the search, reception and transmission of information and ideas through any intermediary, regardless of borders.
The Rights Center on believes that the Ministry of the Interior is cutting off its citizens from the outside world in a manner that is not compatible with democracy, so, the Rights Center calling on citizens affected by the disruption of social networking sites to register lawsuits against the Kurdistan Regional Government, while pledging to provide a team of lawyers in this regard.


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