Rights, reports a decrease in the number of violations against journalists during July 2019

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The rights Center for Freedomof Expression Support recorded seven reported and unannounced violations against Iraqi journalists and protesters in July 2019, the lowest in terms of violations suffered by journalists in July 2018.
The most prominent of these violations, the phrase "wanted blood" found by journalist Haider al-Hamdani written on the door of his home in the Al- Muthanna province, southern Iraq, and attacking MP KazemFanjan al-Hamami on a satellite TV reporter and threatening tribal prosecution, in addition to the practice of harassment by security forces and protect the premises of government institutions, and also veiled threats and intimidation hints against the backdrop of reporting or filming video material.
Rights Center has received several reports from bloggers who have been subjected to clan prosecutions for expressing their views on social media, but disclosing their names puts their lives at risk.
The Rights Center expresses its concern over the increase in the number of violations, and calls on the relevant authorities to direct employees and members of the security forces, especially the need to cooperate with journalists, bloggers and civil society activists and respect their work in accordance with the Constitution and the law.


The Rights Center publishes the events it recorded during July 2019, while reserving other cases that it cannot publish on the wishes of the violators as described below:
2/ July
INEWS correspondent in Karbala prevented HaiderHadi from entering the provincial council building.
5/ July
Journalist HaiderAl-Hamdani found the words "wanted blood" written on the door of his home in Muthanna province.
11/ July
Attack on the correspondent of Asia Satellite Channel Mohammed Awwad by MP KazemFinjanHamami.
13/ July
Threat the teacher Dergham Hussein Jabbar by the educational supervisor in Babylon Raad Rasheed Dahid because of posts on Facebook.
17/ July
Attack on Al-JazeeraSatellite Channal correspondent in Erbil Ahmed Zawiti and the blocking of social networking sites in Kurdistan on the back of the killing of the Turkish deputy consul in Erbil.


25/ July
The editor-in-chief of Dalil Najaf newspaper, Haydar Nizar al-Sayyid Salman, is being sued by Governor Louay al-Yasiri for criticizing the governor on his Facebook page.
28/ July
Assault severely beat demonstrators with higher degrees near the House of Representatives in central Baghdad.


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